Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gand marna....

Oxford Dictionary meaning : Sodomy

Sodomy means any of various forms of sexual intercourse held to be unnatural or abnormal, especially anal intercourse. In UK Gay marriages have been legalized, so definitely, the number of people practicing sodomy must be pretty high there. However, Gaand maarna is done all over the world and, of course, mainly in India.

In the busy (busy trying to find out different ways to spend superfluous available leisure time) ITM Navi Mumbai hostel life, one can easily get mentally worse and weak. To release oneself from, frustration and to keep oneself exited, Gaand Maarna is done extensively as a regular practice Not only does this practice obviate any chance of one getting into frustration but brings happiness and laughter all over amongst all the frustoos in the vicinity of the room where Gaand maarna is taking place.

Gaand Maarna is done in diverse ways. Some of them are illustrated with proper examples and real life instances below.

  1. You know that a particular guy sucks in a particular aspect or is pathetic at a particular art/field/sport/subject. If you, however, offer exaggerated to him praising his talent in that particular area, it is an ideal example of Gaand Maarna.
  2. You know that a guy is not going to good grades in a particular course. Still you keep giving harsh comment that the guy is gonna get an A or Batch Max in the course. This obviously pisses him off, which in turn gives immense pleasure to person who is Gaand maaring.
  3. A guy leaves no stone unturned to patao a Girl, spends days and nights writing scraps and mails to the girl and follows the girl wherever she goes. At the end of the day, the girl still doesn’t give a dam about his feelings and casts him off to leave him. Right after this, instead of giving sympathy to the guy, if you tell him that his FUNTI (meaning Fuck-n-Throw-Thing used for Girlfriend) inclined towards him the girl he wanted to patao, looks great and sexy, then it’s the most Exaggerated feeling of all Gaand Maarna’s.
  4. A guy pataos a girl and offers Gift every time he gets to meet her. However you know that, even after 5 years steady love for the same girl, the boy has never got a chance to go anywhere below the waist in his endeavors and continuous efforts. In that case if you keep telling him that he is a Studd and he’s really lucky to fuck a girl before the frustrating exams begin, it becomes an exemplary case of Gaand Maarna.
  5. A Professor happily gives away project to a student and once the project starts, he tells him that he has to work his ass off and that too round the clock to complete the project within 15 days. This type of Gaand Maarna can be witnessed anywhere ranging from India to the US.
  6. A guy brings his Girlfriend to the Wing to introduce her to his group. The guy obviously wants to create a impresion on her . On such a crucial juncture of his love-life, you do a little mimicry revealing any dark funny fact of guy. This type of gaand marna can lead to breakups and fights.

For all of the above examples apart from one/few person, most of the people are rewarded with a large moment of joy. That’s what Gaand Maarna is all about. Gaand Maarna can be even more painful when you’re not aware that someone is maaring your Gaand. Right at the very end when you’ve already done something good enough for people to ridicule it for long, you’re told that whole of the thing was planned to just maaro his Gaand. Then you know to what extent of pain and disgrace Gaand Maarna can creat.


GITISH said...

badhiya hai be..

gaand nahin maar raha hoon...

sachi mein badhiya hai.......

Rahul said...

1ha bahi aap kyo gand maroge...ab to marwane ki aadat jo ho gai hai....GAY,,,

Rahul said...

ab kya karoge mba k baad to yahi 1 profession bacha hai